Lineality, Familiality, Centricity, Consistency, Fetish-Nonfetish

So far this has been a place to repost emails and coursework but I’ll write a blog post before July! I’ve just been busy.
Linealities – Lines of descent.
Familiality – Lines of relation.
 Matrilineality – Reorientation of familial lines – lines of descent – around motherhood.
 Birth Matrilineality – Orientation of descent around birth mother.
Social Matrilineality – Orientation of descent around (mother who raised you) – (Need better word for this)
Radical Matrilineality – No father, only mother.
Panmatrilineality – All women are mother – Either all women in the local community or all women full stop  – In addition to this we could have a panlineality including both men and women, panfamiliality including all human beings or a panfamiliality including all things.
Fetish Lineality – Just like the Yanyuwa stories [my lecturer] mentioned. Non-anthropocentric linealities. “The winds, the seas, the birds are my ancestors.”
Fetish Panfamiliality, Pancentricity.

I don’t think any of these distinctions are worth making but I think it’s true to say that we can’t have a social practice without some consistency, unless having no consistency qualifies as a kind of consistency. I’d argue it does and it doesn’t, but I’d also argue that it doesn’t matter! But that’s a bit lazy isn’t it? I’d say it has a consistency which can’t be described in terms of consistency and which isn’t consistency. It doesn’t have a consistency, but we can pretend it does and we can use a consistency-metaphor, and we can link up those bits of it which resemble consistency.

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