Edited repost from Facebook.

I’ll tell you how I conceive of feminism. I don’t think of it as a movement or a body of knowledge, I think of it as an attitude. It’s not a matter of research, it’s a matter of treating them as equals no matter what. Treat them how you’d want to be treated, don’t objectify them, don’t take advantage of them, and don’t ever assume that they’re less able to do something because they’re women.

It’s a lie to declare that women are equal to men because as is, they’re not. There’s a lot of entrenched, institutionalised discrimination like the pay gap, rape culture, and attitudes towards domestic violence. These things need addressing. There’s no box ticking “Hmm well I’m a liberal therefore I must support women’s rights?” type of thing, it’s a matter of action.

In regards to the status of women, we can’t make the mistake of thinking that “better” means “good”, or that all discrimination is immediately visible. In regards to feminists “seeking out” discrimination – if there is discrimination to be found, there is a problem! If you’re saying that feminists are inventing some accounts of discrimination, you have you ask yourself if you as a man are able to perceive discrimination as well as the women who are suffering it. I know I can’t!

Anyway, I’m a feminist and you should be a feminist too – it’s cool to be a feminist!


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