Fragments of a Story

How did you cross the Threshold? I part the Veils of Māyā and snatched my dream from the claws of Soma Swami. I inverted myself into fantasy and achieved the Dream.

What is The UFO?

• The source of all fortean phenomena: The Dreamborn god of fear and mystery.

• OR profane envoy of the Abyssal Watchtower of Mind and Spirit, inverted lotus of the Sahasrara. Expression of the fear that god is simultaneously mundane and unknowable.

• OR something else???

• An expression of the belief that Ascension is simply the first rung on the ladder to enlightenment, that there are an infinite number of worlds to be transcended, and that beings so advanced as to be perfect may still fall short of glory.


Philosophy: Magic is the violent imposition of will upon the universe. Enormous action, magnitudes larger than that occurring in the sphere of the Fallen. Conversely this action invites Big Karma, the feat known as Paradox. There is no inherent goodness in the Supernal but that it is the realm of great action, immeasurable evil and feats of soaring heroism. The Abyss is a realm of deflationary microaction. Synchronisation with Dharma is achievable via the unknowable streams of chaos magick. There is no right but Dharma and Dharma may cloak itself in silk Supernal or Abyssal. Whatever is remains is and remains the will of Dharma.

Syncop Attractor – Siddha
• Siddha Archmaster of Time, Life and Mind. Addicted to casting off its former selves, seeks to create itself anew in every moment.
• An ever-shifting morass of traits, colours and sounds orbiting itself in four dimensions.

Bloom – Tetrarch
• Archmaster of Space and Prelate of The Eye, Bloom seeks to interpose himself between space and become the sacred channels through which all information is mediated. A system of gates through which every conceivable interaction is meted, cropped and surveilled.

Soma Swami – Dreamborn
• False god of a thousand false worlds, Maharajah of the Veils of Maya.
• Captor of Ananda’s former self in a ploy to trick him out of Ananda’s current self. Ananda’s liberation of his current self from the claws of Soma Swami has enabled Ananda to go beyond infinity, enraging the Swami to no end.

Rajah Māyā – Alienated devotee of Soma Swami
• Fundamental disagreement over Ananda’s commitment to the Mysteries and rejection of material desire. Follows a path of warm ignorance over cold truth. Seeks the truth within the illusion. Mutual frustration over the fact that he and Ananda are two sides of the same coin.

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