Ontology is Axiology is Epistemology is Psychology is Nomadology is Theology is Phenomenology is Sociology is Ecology is Technology is Biology is Archaeology is Philology is Pneumatology

Everything is true. Everything is real. Everything is true. Everything is real.
-ology     =     -osophy     =     -osis     =     -oid     =     -philia     =     -phobia

Post-nothing post-everything pre-everything pre-nothing

pre- = post- = a-  = non- = trans- = pan-

Whiteheadian Valentinian Deleuzian Aristotelian Jungian Hegelian Nietzsch(e)an Foucaultian Freudian Artaudian Heideggerian Guattarian Latourian Keynesian Deleuzoguattarian Cheynian Leibnizian Hardtian Lacanian Gurdjieffian

Subject-oriented oriented no orientation ob- sub- -ject panject nonject bioject theoject axioject transject aject abject

“I’ve found my interactions with Matt to be incredibly valuable in helping my own thought to evolve” “Two of the most important elements of the Western occult tradition are the Kabbalah and Tarot. Are these classical occultist elements still useful in understanding the modern mysticism of the NES? Let’s find out.” “slowly moving from place to place to find food.” “On a less dramatic note, James has sent me some fabulous design work for the Hartnell book and for the mug/t-shirt version of the Hartnell design that the Kickstarter funded.” “If you went back to 1950, you would be surprised.” “forced to remake the song with Nile Rodgers in New York. A collective lack of enthusiasm is audible on the second “Cat People,”” “Euclidean visible domain, but as creatures of the sonic domain, as nascent acousmêtres of the new soundscapes of urban Europe; the fourth is that the noise-to-signal ratio of urban Europe begins to shift, very slowly (almost” “With just the flip of a switch, he can manipulate pain, pleasure, faith, morality….even love.” “The conflation of communism with State capitalism comes mainly from the 1930s and the Stalinist Soviet Union and has been perpetuated since by capitalists of all varieties as a means to maintain their power” “Ideologies are nothing” “It’s an eclectic potpourri of ideals that often contradict each other. It is the product of a pampered class of intellectuals who claim to love humanity but have such a deep hatred of individual humans.” “We only allow email addresses with 5-75 characters.” “Slyly compiled, this anthology brings together fiction, narrative, philosophy, and critical theory without imposing a hierarchy among genres.”

Very very rough drafts, fragments, reposted emails. I like writing and I love criticism!


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